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We are SANS compliant and our work is safe yet aesthetically pleasing cutting edge design.

Aluminium Cladding

Stainless Steel Balustrades

A popular and affordable choice for home owners wanting to give their staircase a more modern edge. They are incredibly long lasting and require very minimum maintenance and offer substantial strength. It can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth. They can be horizontally and vertically aligned.

Our stainless steel balustrades comply with strict regulations in regards to spacing. For residential areas the balustrade system should not exceed 100mm air gap. They come in a wide range of uprights and top rails to choose from i.e. round, square and rectangle. 

Frameless Glass Balustrades

The frameless glass is particularly popular in modern architecture systems and used in many buildings, internally and externally balustrades support staircases, balconies and provide safety and security without compromising the light in the building.

It has become extremely popular over the recent years because of its countless advantages enjoying the transparent boarder.

It adds a touch of modern sophistication to any building its fitted on increasing the value of your property. Not only do glass balustrades look fabulous, they are also easy to clean.

Our safety glass is 12mm thick and toughened and can be fixed to the floor with spigots or side mounted to the wall with special fixings.

Combined stainless and glass balustrades

Stainless combined with glass looks elegant and sleek horizontally and vertically aligned. This makes it a stylish, aesthetic choice that shines and stands out more with glass.

The metallic finish of such balustrades gives it a contemporary look. Our safety glass is 8mm and fixed to posts with high-quality clamps. 

Aluminium Doors, Windows, Shop Fronts

Engineered for strength, stability and aesthetics.
Strong, slim frame design and available in 5 standard colours i.e bronze, white, black, char- coal, natural and customized colours are available on request.

Other Services

■ Cable Balustrade
■ Mild Steel Balustrades
■ Shower Doors
■ Cladding & Plasma cutting services
■  Pool Enclosures
■  Gates, quality
■ Aluminum windows
■ Stacking doors
■ Sliding doors
■ Shopfronts
■ Shower doors
■ Balconies
■ Security screens

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